Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby J

I had a lot of fun seeing this little kid at the reunion

I love his chubby cheeks!
I love his little giggle
I love you baby J!
...and I love that you have the same name as him
Jaxon with Jackson
(P.S. my brother doesn't appreciate this picture as much as I do)

Wonderful World of Whiteley

We look forward to the Whiteley family reunion every year. It consists of my great grandparent's children and their children and their children and their may get the idea that it's a pretty big reunion. Well it is! There are always tons of people and it's so much fun! My aunt May always does such a great job of getting everyone together and making it fun for everyone. We get a shirt every year and this year's theme was "The Wonderful World of Whiteley". It was Disney theme that consisted of a tea party with Alice and dancing with Donald Duck + Lilo and Stitch. We also had a Mickey and Minnie. Later in the day we had the Lindon water park all to ourselves. Which was a blast.
The little people loved holding the baby bunnies right after the tea party.
One of the cousins played a great Alice

Sam wanted to hold baby J
Mickey and Minnie!

A portion of the many kids in the Whiteley family.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas time

Early in December we got together with family to make gingerbread houses
On Christmas eve we night we went to my parents and had a sleepover so we could all spend Christmas morning together. This was our little Christmas bed that we set up in my mom's craft room.
These are random pictures of Christmas morning. It was fun to see the kids open their presents.

Ty, Lori and Gavin

Todd, Natalie and Kennedy
Me and Sterling
(I was sick on Christmas morning..bleh)
Teag, Kiah and mom in the background

It was a wonderful Christmas being able to be with family.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Halloween festivities

The month of October started off with
Halloween Decor....
...and my favorite thing ever.
sure they are a pain in the butt to dismantle,
but there is something about the way those
little red things burst in your mouth.
We had a lot of fun going to Thanksgiving Point's
haunted corn maze and the regular corn maze.
It was really muddy....
It was pretty nice to feel a few inches taller
That whole being taller thing didn't last though....

Oh yea... and I've never seen so many
Just before Halloween our family got together to carve pumpkins.
Those kids sure do look happy.
The kids liked the sunset too
As it progressed I caught the sky looking like this
I love sunsets, I think they are amazing.

we are so thankful for our family and friends!
We hope everyone had a great it's just really COLD

Saturday, October 2, 2010

We went on a picnic and a fall drive with the birthday guy.
It was beautiful!!!

Happy Birthday Dad!
Hope you had fun.

Gathering for G

We had a family gathering with delicious homemade pizza and a cute little boy.

Happy Birthday G!
(I love that you wanted a picture of you with Thomas...)
(...and that you wanted to see more pictures on my camera so we took another one)
Love you!